AUTHENTIC communication,
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I’m here to help you speak with confidence, clarity and peace of mind!

Sabrina Lucidi
Language & Communication Coaching

Advance your career by communicating effectively and authentically in English.

Come and find out how...

Enter your personal comfort zone, where you are the expert and no one else

Take full possession of your communication skills while having fun

Define your specific goals, timing of achievement and track your progress

Open yourself up to all the possibilities that being an effective communicator offers you!

Hi, my name is Sabrina

and I help professionals to have a confident voice in the international contexts they operate in.

How? By combining my interest in effective communication techniques, technology, and languages, together with my experience in managing projects and people in different parts of the world.

What my clients say

How to be clear and confident with your communication?

Get in touch and schedule a session. I will help you define your goals now!

Which Solutions?

More disruptions are anticipated at our workplaces due to the advent of Artificial Intelligence. We need to continuously adapt and innovate by reinventing ourselves to embrace these changes. The human brain is still the power behind these machines. What we need is continuously cultivating our unique skills in the areas of communication, connection and collaboration that are irreplaceable by machines. We can help you design training courses, whether it is on a personal, professional or company level, to strengthen these soft skills.

Coaching for Groups & Individuals

Online Training for Trainers

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